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ELS Vision Wealth Management- Lawrence Smith Statement on Racism

June 12, 2020

As the President of ELS Vision Wealth Management and an African American in this country, I stand with fellow leaders of all backgrounds in using this period of unrest in our country to publicly condemn racism both conscious and unconscious, intentional and unintentional, Overt and Covert, Individual and Systematic. Like Abraham Lincoln in his inaugural address, I also appeal to the better nature of our angels as we look to a new chorus for the future.

This unrest brings us to a new day where new inter-generational conversations are being held that will be tough, hard, and sometimes challenging. They will not lead to swift agreement nor easy solutions to hard problems.

While these conversations may lead us to new questions that have no easy answer, it is my hope that while we work to defeat all of the forces that seek to divide us that we also take time to answer what Dr. Martin Luther King stated was life’s most persistent and urgent question: What are you doing for others? Today and everyday even in the hardest of moments we have the chance to make this world a better place by thinking about others. Let us choose today to make this world a better place by doing something good for someone else.

Lawrence Smith

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